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Vinyl Deck Coverings

Our vinyl decking membrane is an affordable and functional waterproofing solution for deck coverings, car ports, deck roofs and out side patios.

EMP Contractings Vinyl Deck is your one-stop membrane waterproofing solution offering a time-proven, quality vinyl that meets the requirements of the CAN/CGSB 37.54-95 building code standard. We leave your hands free and provide demolition of the old deck covering, repairs to the old under deck and then complete installation of the new system.

Whether you are building a new 2nd floor balcony or renovating an existing deck or patio, our Vinyl Deck brings you an affordable and functional waterproofing solution to keep everything under your deck dry and safe from the weather.

Our single-ply PVC membrane system provides your project with a superior method of protecting surfaces that are subject to movement due to temperature fluctuations and other external environmental influences. Whether your project requires waterproofing for a ground level patio, an elevated deck or even a roof deck our deck system is a great choice.

The roofing and waterproofing features of the Vinyl Deck membranes are backed up by third-party testing to ensure our single-ply sheet vinyl provides you with a reliable method of protecting your outdoor surfaces, while at the same time providing an attractive finish.

We apply the system with a reliable adhesive and heat-welding system, you have all the security you need to ensure your balconies and patios are protected from elemental factors that can affect your outdoor surface structures as well our membranes come with a 10 year warrunty from factory defects.

The surface is embossed to provide a textured finish. The product is manufactured in standard roll sizes of 72 inches wide by 75 feet long.

The product is intended to be used as a waterproof membrane that is fully adhered to a continuous solid substrate, such as plywood or concrete decks and balconies that are subject to light pedestrian traffic.

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