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Food Bank Dispensary New Roof Project

EMP Contracting to donate tools and manpower.


Dispensary roof project donors needed

Food Bank and Outreach Center need 44 bundles of shingles - contractor on board to install and do work.

My name is Erik Parti.   It has been tough couple of years in Calgary .  There is a growing demand and use of the food bank and outreach centres and the facilities need maintenance.   

Since 2007 I have been installing roofs in Calgary. This year streetchurch.ca needs a new roof on their downtown food house. It is an outlet for the food bank in downtown Calgary I have helped them alone to feed thousands in my 18-24 months I have helped in total, they have been consistent in feeding the homeless and hungry for many years and 10’s of thousands have been fed.   I have known them since 2007, they are in the dark cold nights embracing people in need and the community needs to embrace them now.

I have donated my time and tools to Manage the project, strip the current shakes and install a new roof system.

As well we need 1285 sqf of shingles that is 44 bundles of 32 sqf covering shingles and one role of role on ice shield, and a box of 1 ½ inch coil roof nails.  We also need a bin and dump donor to bring a 15 yard or less bin and tip 1.5 tons of shingles.

I have enough vents caulking and ridge cap to do the job and Christella Sinclair one of the volunteer member has raised $200.00 cash for the replacement of roof; boarding and fascia lumber of which another $45.00 is needed but we can manage that.

We are hoping to get this done this year asap!
I will place the press release on my website as well, will give first right of refusal to any donors for the 2019 Celtic Festival I am putting together to help raise money for these guys and also raise money for the United church outreach -  stay up to date with that by going to the link http://empmarketing.ca/emp-special-projects.html

Contact us through this website to get on board and donate!

Thank you for your help in advance;

Mr. Erik Parti

Master Craftsman / Owner empcontracting.ca

& Community Volunteer of streetchurch.ca