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EMP Terms of Services

Terms of Service Policy

We do construction contracting and want to do the best for our customers.  We work by the hour charging for time and materials and on contract.

We offer warrunties on; 3, 5, 10 year terms.

Our contracts are honoured line per line.  In the event strikes, worker shortages, injuries or acts of God occur we recerve the right to, with out penalty suspend work until it is ethical to re-commence.

In the event that there are unforseen occurances or other work to complete the initial contract is required past the point of any initial consultaion, additional work will be charged per time and material over and above any contrat with us.

In the event of disputes, any un ethical behavior from staff will lead to dismissel from the sight and project.

Any dispute over and above any resonable comprimise and any contracts will be billed in time and materials, and we will reserve the right to forclose any promotions or contract discounts at that point.

In the event of material shortages above our control or late payments we will not be held accountable for any inconvenience that occurs and hourly billing and materials will be charged to the customer with late payment charged at 2% per month or 24%  per annum.

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