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New Building and Renovation Construction

Hi I am Erik owner and GM of EMP Contracting.

In 1993 I did my first industrial maitenance, it was a two teer experience for me not only I took car of some amazing tools and michenery, cleaning out massive factory facumes working around robots I also learned so my being in a custom wood manufacturing plant working directly with the Managers and front office.

since then I have been building bridges, homes, condos, 45+ buildings, box store buildings and doing custom work.

Today I do work on any project that interests me, and carrying my own bonding that is $2 million commercial on work and $1 million on vehicles.

As well I have been apart of commercial projects doing night club, restaurant and theme attraction construciton such as sound stages and stuff like that managing crews up to 200.

I do everything inside the building envelope of new homes and renovations such as; windows, siding, decks, fences, painting, roofing, structure.  And do free quotes in Calgary, Alberta.  As well you can make purchases of deck or fence packages and other related things like solar panel deck coverings through my web store online.

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