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Real estate investment

Home renovating, commercial building up grading, land developement

High Traffic Restaurant

EMP has been apart of the behind the scenes construction and maitenance for many restaurants, stores and other businesses in Calgary. 

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EcoGeometrical Green Homes

EMP is working on many unique ideas to bring building construction to a earth saving level. Business partnerships and opportunities availalbe. 

2019 Special Event

Advartise your business, be a food or booth vendour!  EMP is bringing a community event to help raise money for charity and do something fun summer of 2019

We are looking for business sponsors and investors, contributors and other like minds to get on board!

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Wild life lab, green building, and spot to solve the problems of Orca whales dying at the hands of the oil industry 

I want to open up a West Coast Lab to begin work to help keep whales and ocean life out harms way!

My ideas have been inspired by; dealing with creatures in homes and buildings and the dangers man has on them, and them on man, and also the need to get Alberta oil to international destinations by solving the demands for green sustainability of protestors, and my own love for orcas!