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Black mold wifi cell net and mental health danger

BIG Warning


Wifi cell net / mental health danger


Dearest Prime minister & minister of health;


  • Mold a problem in building construction and needs attension
  • Damaging effects of wifi and cell radiation
  • Linkages of both to growing mental health issues

My name is Erik Parti – I am writing much these days.    I am at the John Howard Society in Calgary, and my mind is clear and I can tell by the way my words are easily typed out and my grammar are more accurate that I am in a good spot cleaner of contaminates that would cause my dyslexia to flare up!  My dyslexia is an alert system.

In Grade 1 I was out cast and literally abused when my teacher couldn’t understand my problems with spelling.

In Grade 2 my special ed teacher would scream in my face out of bitter frustration until I litterally cried out.  I couldn’t get simple spelling and grammar – she didn’t understand that because of the air quality in that small airless basement classroom, and how it effected me I literally didn’t see what others saw.

Words would flick back and forth, 63’s would make it to my head as 93’s, and if I saw a message like “Larry call Debbie” it would make it to my head as “Debbie call Larry”.  I have used this to diagnose mold problems in big buildings.  I can go straight to the mold every time.   and need to warn about the black mold that is going into interior wall construction on the residential level as well I am shocked at how many homes are being built today with so much black mold that looks like herpes all offer the 2 grads lumber just ready to explode into the new house where adults and worse children will soon be living and putting there heads for sleep and respitory systems. 

The big mold docotors  in the US are now linking mold to murders and serial killers.  That makes sence to the mold issues in London, Ontario a town now on the top list for serial killers, and I know from my life there has tones of black mold every where. 

Now I can diagnose my own ever changing symptoms I can be used as a tool for acute poisons and dangerous interference in the environment.

In the Yukon I was living in apartments and houses full of mold and asbestos, as well there were many places with broken sewer pipes contributing to gases and other small growing things that trigger my dyslexia like mildew or wood that has been treated with poisonous stuff.

In the Yukon they treet mold much more seriously then other areas, but have witnessed the damaging effects.   One of the elders of the kaska nations had a stroke/anerism and when the area in his brain was biopsead it was black mold they figured caused the ailment.

Books and things like forms or documents are easy for me to comprehend on any subject when I am in a contaminant free place, but sitting up at the central library I can’t focus, attention deficit comes in and my IQ drops substantially as the symptoms start to hinder me.

At the library, as well there is the biggest spot for cell radiation  in Calgary with a very highly used wifi radio signal and also lots of users with individual difices.

In times when I am around areas of super high RF and uhf I get nauseous and sick, my mood drops and I become irritated and itchy – I can feel the signal.  One example is a place that once would sooth and calm me, now, I am just un comfortable and un easy with a sense of just burning on me and in my head. 

That spot is the Calgary City train.  I literally get nosous on the c train at different times.

If you sit on a city train at rush hours and busy times you can be in 20 or more separate cellular phone fields as people with in inches, dozens off them up load, download stuff from the net - is that why I get sick?   That is far higher than our regulations for acceptable exposure can be, whos testing for that and monitoring?  If a no buddy like me can figure this out why isn't Telus or Bell waring us of the dangours?

As well, I am noticing in areas around the super signal areas people’s personality is similar to mine when I am irritated from my assumptions of cell and wifi signal.

At this point, thinking about the signs we are having including the significant drop in child school math marks, and as well the big cry for help with the mental health issues from one side of the country to the other, we are in need to pull down the cell net or cut use and educate substantially about the dangers  BEFORE WE HAVE A GENERATION OF PEOPLE WITH SERIOUSE UN KNOWN HEALTH ISSUES! 

I have an exceptional high IQ  I am very intuitive sensitive man, and have suffered at the hands of lack of information and been punished because of ignorance –PLEASE TAKE HEAD.

Other letters I have written regarding this major mistake of status quo and society standard is the different warning from industry experts and as well the rat tests that clearly state fact to my letter here in and show rats exposed to the wifi and cell radiation clearly have the same symptoms as me – they get disoriented and sick, while rats not exposed to the cell tech radiation are healthy, keen and can find their way to food in mazes.

I am demanding, as I need to find a place in Calgary that is totally free of wifi and MOLD and cell phone radiation to feel good, and enjoy life – this building where I am writing from is is an old brick building with little wifi signal inside and the materials it is built with (old clay brick) will shield the occupence from the big cell net radiation thus my ability to write a more accurate grammatical and spelling letter about this major situation.

In conclusion – I love my wireless key boards, I really even though have downgraded from two cell lines including several smart phones, love my cell phone and rely on it.  I am not one to just bock at tech because of old habits


Mr. Erik Parti

My worry topics and studies:

  • Black mold in Alberta residential building construction
  • Cell / wifi radiation over ampage
  • Linkages of both to mental health 
  • Ideas to save the orca from freight vessels

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