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2019 Celtic Festival

EMP Contracting to manage and do set up and tare down, sound stage construction! 


Sponsorship Oportunities

Contact Erik "the Red" through this site for more info!

  1. Web site sponsor $2500.000 for 1 year
  2. Brought to you by sponsor $10 000.00
  3. Presenting sponsor $25 000.00
  4. Media sponsorships
  5. Youtube entries for pre sponsorship
  6. Silver Casn and in kind for netotiation
  7. Gold Cash and in kind for negotiation
  8. Luck o; the Rain Bow 
  9. Platinun Cash and in kind for negotiation
  10. General Sponsorship $500-9999.00 


2019 Calgary Celtic Festival

A creative Heritage event to add to the menu of great activiteas and venues for Calgary in 2019!

General Manager Erik M. Parti of empcontracting.ca 

Funds to help out for maitenance costs associated with the Calgary Food Bank distributions and Outreach Groups.

Location:  Kensington / Hillhurst 2019

Venue:  Mixed crowed 

Family:  from 10am - 2pm

Adult audiences from 2-11pm


Food Vendor & Booth Opportunites

Contact Erik Parti through this site for more information!



Calgaries best Tartans

Sound stage featuring international music

Craft Beer


Great Food